March 23, 2011

Mari Berangan

Because of no contraction yet... ahhaahhhh... mummy is picturing what she wants to do with the stroller and baby seat that we've bought... at first, we want to buy Quinny Buzz + Maxi Cosi Pebble... however we changed our decision last minute after we went to the store and 'played' with several models/ brands... ekekkeke.... why? price is one of the contributor... hehe... kalo tak ikut harga.. mmmg mummy and daddy beli MacLaren okeh!!!

Back to Quinny + Maxi.... this is what we've bought... (and that colour :D)
Quinny Zapp Xtra

Maxi Cosi Cabrio

Why Zapp Xtra... not Buzz
- Buzz has 2 big tyres at the back... compared to Zapp Xtra... so makes it bigger 80x20x60cm...instead of Zapp Xtra... 69x27x30cm only 
Quinny Buzz 3

folded Zapp Xtra

- Buzz is more expensive... hehe...  i guess it's a newer model... hmm.. me dunno... but when we tried to maneuver it, Zapp Xtra seems more smooth....

Why Zapp Xtra instead of normal Zapp
- The seat has 3 positions: almost flat (suitable for newborn), semi-reclined and upright. Even for reversed position. Normal Zapp only has one position which is semi-reclined.. so you imagine when your toddler is about 2-3 yrs old, it make him/her a bit discomfort when he/she sleeps in the stroller... head will be like dis!
tak ke lenguh tengkuk budak tuh.. ekekekkk...

these are the positions...

Why Cabrio instead of Pebble
- hmmmm... price... Pebble is RM150 more expensive.. the only diff is the piece of 'head rest' inside the seat... hmmm... i don't think it's worth 150 more... ekekkek....

as i'm so lazy to test it in our car... so, let's imagine only la hor... ekekke....
baby sleep in the car.. hehehe.. do you know you need to put the babyseat/ baby at the back seat, facing the back.. not the front seat/ facing front? yeahhh... it's for safety... as front seats has ABS which is very  dangerous for babies/ toddlers.....

Zapp Xtra wif Cabrio.... bawak baby shopping.. hehe...
heheh... no more berangan... let's eat ice-cream! again?!?!?


  1. wah.. dah start mencari stroller.. happy hunting babe.. by the way.. thanks for the advice on the ginger ale.. i serious bnyk angin sampai x tau nk buat mcm mana dah.. thanks thanks thanks

  2. zaila.. dah beli pun.. hehe... yep yep.. try on the ginger ale... mmg kuar angin byk lah... ekekekk... kalo makan, elak makanan yg contribute kepada angin iaitu cabbage, groundnuts + peanuts... kurangkan makanan pedas.. sumtimes angin + pedas = heartburn yg melampau.. huhu...

  3. hi,berkenan tgk stroller for both zapp xtra and cabrio berapa harga u dapat tu?

  4. hi anonymous.. Quinny Zapp Xtra + Maxi Cosi Cabrio = RM1,999.00. Saya beli dkt

    Hari tu ada jalan2 dkt Tropicana City Mall.. ada satu kedai baby dkt Tingkat 2... ada sale... harga sama...

  5. Salam.
    Juz nk tau...Zapp Extra ni leh folded jd compact mcm Zapp design lm tu ke? Sbb ade tgk review yg Zapp Extra ni xleh folded so akan ade 2pcs la..pushchair & seat.
    Tp tgk pic u dia mcm leh folded skali je?

  6. hi Mama Q... nope, mmg akan ada 2 pcs... folded 'kaki' and the seat itself... but, keduanya sgt ringan and muat elok lam boot keta... tak besar :) i used it for quite sometime odi... very satisfied with it... :)