March 24, 2011

Back to Bride? :D

heheeee... it's good to go back to wedding stuff once in awhile ya... :) why all of a sudden? despite of lite contraction that i'm having currently... nothing much to blog about Jr yet until he's out for real.. ahahha... thanks in advance for all your prayers...

I think there's not so many Bride's magazine here in Malaysia... the ones i knew are Pengantin and Ratu Sehari... and i managed to get 2 issues of both during my wedding preparation before... yep.. only 2... hahaha... i'm not into reading... surfing internet much more cheaper and easier... well... for those of you who likes to buy those magazines.. do take a peek at Pengantin, April issue... :)

Cover: Fauziah Gous

what's inside? Lots of 'pereka pilihan' and the theme is 'Pengantin Bertudung'..... one of them, is my dear fren.. Usop aka Eusopth at Madukara Suteramas

 let's have a closer look at the white dress... :)

i would have to say... the photographer does not do justice for this dress... ahahhaha.... why?? because it is my Nikah Dress!!!! u can't see the details on the dress... i say heyyyyy.....

with this.. it gives me a chance to go down to the memory lane... hehe... alasan je kan.. nak letak gambar sendirik!

the dress is combination of Songket and French Lace... added with Swarovski crystals... yep.. i love songket.. it's always been my dream of having my wedding dress in Songket...

closer look at the dress...
i couldn't find a full photo of me in that dress.. this is the closest i can get... ekekkeke.....

the occassion was almost 10 months ago yet the memory remains fresh! insyaAllah.. our 1st anniversary will be celebrated with Kenduri Kesyukuran, of course with the presence of our Jr.. Megat XX! and yes... we have decided on the name.. yayy!! at last!


  1. Megat Double X?


  2. leo dah rase contraction ke???waaa... :)
    kita suka sangat tengok baju nikah u...cantek malatop!

  3. suka gbr yg lasr..cantek sgt!!! gbr dlm magazine tuh tak clear sgt walhal bj usop lawa apa!!! i pun dulu dia yg jahit.. canteks!!

  4. anies... a'aa... mcm double spicy mcdeluxe gituu.. sodapppp... :)

  5. iza... rasa sikit2... leh tahan lagi ni.. hehe... tnx for the compliment on baju nikah... :) reminds me yg i tak buat review la utk nikah i.. tetiba pregnant, trus sume hal baby dah.. ahahha...

  6. maya... mmg dlm megezine tu tak santik.. marah i marah... ekekekkk....

  7. celebrate dgn kenduri kesyukuran n ada baby skali memang best penuh keberkatan!!..;)

  8. insyaAllah Jihan.. tu lah plannya... :)