March 2, 2011

Whooping 87kg!!

yeahhhhhh... i'm 87kg at 37th weeks.... i feel like Moto Moto in Madagascar2! :D

"Moto moto... the name's so nice, you say it twice"

hiksss... supposedly, i can only gain another 2kg until end of the term.. i.e.. another 3 weeks.. errkkk... i don't think so.. heeeee... sowiii doc.. i did my  best to control my diet... tersasar sket jekkkkk.... doc just gave me a big smile... and said.. "no worries... most important, your baby is growing healthily.. he's 2.7kg now... " :) *phewww*

there he is! :) 

You may begin to feel an increased pressure in your lower belly and notice that your baby is gradually dropping. This is called lightening or engagement, and your lungs and stomach will finally get a chance to stretch out a little – breathing and eating should become easier.  owh owh.. tak sabar neh... The good news is, your pregnancy will be full-term and you could give birth any day. alamakkkkk...You may have noticed that your breasts are leaking a little. This is quite normal. They are producing the rich, first milk called colostrum that will give your baby a great start in life. harusss... very the kelakar yg ni.... harap2 ini petanda susu banyak.. ekekekkk...

GBS test... NEGATIVE! alhamdulillahhhhh....

Glucose Tolerance Test: passed with flying colours.... even though i'm a bit overweight... doc kata.. hehe
Fasting Blood Sugar = 4.1
2 Hours Glucose = 4.9
*reference values... if more or equal to 7... maknanya anda menghidap Diabetes Mellitus.. aka kencing manis...

Rubella = 20.0 IU/mL. 
*reference values is more than 9.. i think i got this Rubella protection when i was 15yrs old..

Another test.. yet to receive the result... is Hemoglobin level test... just to make sure i have enough to deliver the baby... through birth canal.. aka normal delivery... insyaAllah... :)

I think i'm ready to have Jr. soon! can't wait to join Yanie and Diah... :)

so.. with that feeling... i bought myself a present! ahahhahah... a Kristin... tadaaaaaaa..........

iyaa... motivasi diri sangat penting ya kawan2... tidak perlu org lain memberi hadiah baru nak hepi.. kita patut be able utk meng-hepikan diri sendiri... puassss!!!!! :)

i bought this through my fren MasAyu which is currently in USA... please feel free to have a look at her shopping blog...

I'm not sure what is Malaysia's price... but the last time i've checked... normally above RM1200..errrrkkk... too expensive for me... me no Donald Trump! with MasAyu, price is straight from US.. definitely wayyyyyy cheaper! :)

hepi mummy!


  1. syok kan dapat membeli sumtin tuk diri sendiri..:) yeah..rewards..

  2. ekekekkk... akan digayakan, masuk opis selepas pantang! :)

  3. That was my final weight while carrying Dhani last time..

  4. really???? camne u boley sama berat dgn i.... u kan kecikkkkkk....